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Canvas -  A Mother Hunting

Canvas - A Mother Hunting


A Mother Hunting – Female "T140" in pursuit of a Pacific White-Sided Dolphin. Mammal-eating Orca are known as "Bigg's Killer Whales" or "Transients" and diverged from other populations ~700,000 years ago. This mother did succeed in getting a dolphin right in front of Telegraph Cove, BC, CANADA. The splashes in the background are the dolphins that got away. 

©Jackie Hildering;

Ready-to-hang canvas wrap. Image is mirror wrapped around a 3.8 cm (1.5″) stretcher bar. My signature is on the image. 

  • 8 x 12" = $160; 10 x 15" = $190; 12 x 18″ = $200 ; 16 x 24″ = $250; 20 x 30″ = $300; 24 x 36″ = $350. Larger sizes available.  Taxes included.
  • This image also available in square format. Please click here. 
Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries. Free shipping in Canada and most of USA if order is over $350. 

No shipping charge if picking up in Port McNeill, BC. 
Please contact me at this link before placing order.  

Any questions? Please contact me at this link.

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