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Oval-Anchored Stalked Jelly

Oval-Anchored Stalked Jelly


Otherworldly – This stalked jellyfish (Stauromedusae) is believed to be a new, yet-to-be-described species. A close relative is the Oval-Anchored Stalked Jelly (Haliclystus sp. max size 3 cm). Stalked jellies never become free-swimming, bell-shaped medusa.Their stalk is sticky to attach to Eelgrass, seaweeds or rocks in the shallows. Their 8 arms each have a “pom-pom” of 30 to 100 tentacles.These have stinging cells.They catch small crustaceans and bring this food to their mouth in the centre of the 8 arms.They are remarkably mobile. If a stalked jelly becomes detached, it can hold on by its tentacles and quickly reattach by its stalk. This individual was photographed at only ~3 m depth near Port McNeill. 

Ready-to-hang canvas wrap. Image is mirror wrapped around a 3.8 cm (1.5″) stretcher bar. My signature is on the image. 

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