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Hanging On - Rose Anemone

Hanging On - Rose Anemone


Hanging On - Rose Anemone 

Rose Anemones are a HUGE anemone species, to 30 cm tall and 30 cm wide. They are Urticina piscivora and indeed are “piscivora”. They are the only anemones off our coast whose diet regularly includes little fish that get stuck to their tentacles. It was exceptional that this Rose Anemone was holding on to the stipe of Split Kelp in the surf zone. It is not unusual to see smaller anemone species living on the kelp, like the Brooding Anemones in the background here. But this big Rose Anemone had to secure its whole base around the stipe of the kelp as it cascaded back and forth in the waves. Species is also known as the Fish-eating Telia.

Ready-to-hang canvas wrap. Image is mirror wrapped around a 3.8 cm (1.5″) stretcher bar. My signature is on the image. 

Lustre prints are also available. 


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