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Bull Kelp Forest (canvas only)

Bull Kelp Forest (canvas only)


Bull Kelp Forest  - Life on land could not survive without the ocean’s algae, from the microscopic phytoplankton to the giant kelp species like the Bull Kelp. The algae are the beginning of marine food webs; they buffer the climate-changing gas carbon dioxide and, they produce about 50% or more of our oxygen – no matter how far you are from the Ocean’s shores. Bull Kelp forests are habitat for +/- 750 species. Nereocystis luetkeana to 36 m.
©Jackie Hildering;

Ready-to-hang canvas wrap. Image is mirror wrapped around a 3.8 cm (1.5″) stretcher bar.  
My signature is on the image. 

  • 9 x 12" = $170; 12 x 16″ = $200; 15 x 20″ = $230; 18 x 24″ = $290; 24 x 32″ = $340. Larger sizes available. Taxes included.

Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries. Free shipping in Canada and most of USA if order is over $350. 

No shipping charge if picking up in Port McNeill, BC. Please contact me at this link before placing order.  

Any questions? Please contact me at this link.

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