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Rainbow Star

Rainbow Star


Rainbow Star - Orthasterias koehleri up to 60 cm. Sea stars are fabulously voracious predators, suctioning their prey with tube feet and then many insert their stomachs into the prey to digest externally. There are 140+ sea star species in the NE Pacific. Also known as the "Painted Star". 

Ready-to-hang canvas wrap. Image is mirror wrapped around a 3.8 cm (1.5″) stretcher bar. My signature is on the image. 

Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries. Free shipping in Canada and most of USA if order is over $350. 

Would you like a larger size than what is listed here or do you have other questions? Please contact me at this link.

©Jackie Hildering; 

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