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Bull Kelp - spore packets (metal print only)

Bull Kelp - spore packets (metal print only)


Bull Kelp - Spore Packets 

Ready-to-hang metal print: Printed on aluminum to give added luminescence (0.045" thickness). Inset frame is also made of aluminum and  recessed 0.75" from the edge so that print appears to float when hung. 

Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries. Free shipping in Canada and most of USA if order is over $350. 

Would you like a larger size than what is listed here or do you have other questions? Please contact me at this link.

Text from my post about this image: Floating on my back looking up at Bull Kelp. See the light patches in the fronds? These are spore packets. They drop to the bottom of the Ocean, release spores which create a completely different, very tiny version of Bull Kelp (asexually) which then makes the big, long version of Bull Kelp (sexually).

It's the remarkable reproductive strategy of Alternation of Generations used by algae / seaweeds (and mosses and ferns).

That's how it can be that a lot of Bull Kelp seems to disappear in the winter and then, presto, it's growing back in the spring . . . because there's that other generation at the bottom of the Ocean.

For detail on this see my blog: What on Earth is “Alternation of Generations”? 


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