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Baby Bull Kelp - reaching for the sun (metal print only)

Baby Bull Kelp - reaching for the sun (metal print only)


Reaching for the Sun
Text from my social media post about this image:  
"The baby Bull Kelp is growing toward the sun. I have tried to capture the aching beauty of the light "dancing" over the flowing fronds, creating rippling spectrums.

I cannot express in the way I want how watching this interplay filled me with a sense of comfort, continuance, exaltation and even relief.

While humans collide, love and lose, and may not even know what winning is, THIS continues despite it all (at least for now).

Life begins anew . . . the marvel of another spring . Phenology.

"Our" part of the planet is now tilted closer to the sun. The light fuels growth and leads to food, oxygen, refuge, reduced carbon and . . . whatever this heady, healing emotional cocktail is that I am feeling right now.

    Ready-to-hang metal print: Printed on aluminum to give added luminescence (0.045" thickness). Inset frame is also made of aluminum and  recessed 0.75" from the edge so that print appears to float when hung.

    Shipping: $5.50/item in Canada; $10/item for USA; $12/item for additional countries. Free shipping in Canada and most of USA if order is over $350. 

    Would you like a larger size than what is listed here or do you have other questions? Please contact me at this link.

    ©Jackie Hildering; 

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