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Book - Find the Fish (second edition)


Thank you so much for your interest. Because I am travelling, I will not be able mail Find the Fish books until December 27th. In the interim, they can be ordered online with the Marine Education and Research Society at this link. 

This is the SECOND in my eye-spy series of 3 books that are the "Where's Waldo" of the fish world! 

It is soft-cover, 30 pages and features 12 searches for fish of the northeast Pacific Ocean. Each search is spread across two pages to be 17" wide by 11" high (43 cm x 28 cm). 

All photos were taken by The Marine Detective around NE Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The book also includes sketches of the fish species by Andy Lamb of Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to being fun, the book is intended to add to the knowledge of just how diverse and colourful life is in these cold, dark waters. Text provides background on the images and invites children to look for other species in addition to the featured fish.

Aimed at children ages 5 to 10 and the adults who love them!
If you would like a personalized message in the book, please let me know what you would like written as a comment (possible in the checkout process). 


  • Softcover 8.5" wide x 11" high (21.5 cm x 28 cm). 
  • Saddle stitched binding (two staples). 
  • Cover + 32 colour pages which include:  
    • Introduction to the fish and the importance of camouflage. 
    • 12 Find the Fish challenges spread across two pages.  
    • 4 answer pages showing the location of the fish in the challenges with labeling of other species in the photographs. 
    • Final page with background on The Marine Detective.
  • Self-published as Marine Matters Publishing. 


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